петък, 5 октомври 2012 г.

London.... I am comming

I have amazing news guys, I am going to London in November :) It is going to be the most exciting trip in my life. I will be staying there 8 nights. So at this moment I only have he ticket. I have a lot of work to do.... I will be sharing with you guys everything that I plan. I am so freaking excited...
So I have to book a hostel I will be staying at, if you have any ideas please feel free to share them on the comment bar below. The first place I am pretty sure I will stay at least 3 days is the Oxford street.

сряда, 3 октомври 2012 г.

Outfit of the day 03.10.2012

Finally the weather has changed from summertime to fall. This is my outfit of the day. I love this combination of brown and blue. I went to the university dressed like that. The pants are from H&M, top - second hand, jacket- second hand and scarf I do not remember :) Here you have the photos.

петък, 11 май 2012 г.

BMW meeting, 06.05.12

I just do not know what to say. It was the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. Leterally, it was amazing. I am inlove with the BMW, and there were a thousends of them. The day was sunny, the company interesting and the meeting unforgetable. There was a drift show, burnout, donuts and etc. It was amazing, I can"t wait till the next year...

неделя, 22 април 2012 г.

Drugstore haul

Today I went to DM and I got some stuff I needed. I got a parfum, present for my mother, deo creme, nail polish, eye pen, dry shampoо and mascara.

this is how the pen and the mascara look on me, I really love this combination

Some cute outfits

Here I will put pictures of some outfits I would wear this Spring/ Summer. Hope you like it. 

A trip to Svishtov with 3 friends

Hi everybody,
yesterday I went to Svishtov with 3 friends. I had an exam of Spanish there and I asked them to come with me. I woke up at 4:30 am, because the train left at 7:00 am. I made sandwiches and coffee. 

this is how the sandwich looked

A huge haul

Hi everybody,
a week ago I went shopping with my mom and a friend of mine. We normally go to Second hand shops and I have two reasons to do that. The first reason is that I am 46-48 size, so it is very hard, almost impossible for me to find clothes that fit me in the Mall. And tha second is that is very expensive in the mall, and the second hand clothes are really cheap and I can afford to buy a lot of things. I have one favourite second hand shop in Sofia, and it is called Zig Zag. So the policy of the shop is that every week after the charge they down the prices. We were there the day when the price was 2.99 lv per kilo or 1.5 euros. Here are photos of the things I got. Some of the clothes are new, and I got them from an Outlet. I really like this Spring/Summer tendencies of bright, neon colors, and I tried to follow them while I was searching for this stuff. I hope you like it!

вторник, 10 април 2012 г.

Outfit of the day

This is the outfit I wore for a night out with friends. We saw the movie Hunger games, and I really liked it. It is deffinitly a movie you MUST SEE. So the outfit is very simple, but I really love it, it is somehow vintage style. The shirt is very old, it is from my mothers young years. The pants are from Mango, the belt from Shana. Hope you like it.

събота, 4 февруари 2012 г.

Blog day 34: My photo

This is the photo that will go on my diplom. I am really sorry for the low quality.

Blog day 33: DM haul

Hi everybody,
today I got Anti-Age Hand& Nail cream and Lipbalm from Dm.
The cream is called Mavrud age expert. It visibly reduces the signs og aging, recovers and moisturizes the hands' skin. I got it because of the moisturizing effect and  tha grape smell.
The lip balm is just a normal balm with splashy watermelon smell.
Prices Hand cream- 2,79 lv and lip balm 2,99 lv

Blog day 32: February first - company at home drinking whiskey and eating red hot chilli

Blog day 31: The first month completed

I feel so proud of me doing a whole month of daily posts. I do not have really interesting things to show you guys, but I will try to keep making post every day till 2013. Thanks to everybody who is reading my blog.

Blog day 30: I started running

I saw a video of a girl in YouTube talking how she hated running before she started. So I have decided to try too. I told about this to Lora and she found this program that we are following know. We are at the second week and we feel very good.

Blog day 29: Happy tree friends :)

Today Lora and Ani were at home. We played with make up, hair stylers and clothes. It is so funny to have friends like them. This is what Ani did to me

Blog day 28: My grandfathers birthday

Today my grandfather turned 84 years :) This is the cake. I forgot to take more pictures of the party. I wish him to be so alive another 84 years :) Love U.

Blog day 26: Coffee with Lora

So you all already know Lora. A very good friend of mine.Today we went out.

петък, 27 януари 2012 г.

Blog day 25: My mother, a friend and I in the mall

My mother at the right side eating subway

Blog day 24: Cinema

Yesterday I went to see the movie Contraband. I did not really liked the movie. It was a little bit boring, but it does not metter because I was with my boyfriend :)

Blog day 23: Out for a cup of coffee

I was waiting my boyfriend to come, then we went to the cinema.

Blog day 22: One of my best friend

I really wanted to show you this very importent person for me. Her name is Ani and she is my classmate. I took picteres of her and here she is ... She is so beautifull

Blog day 21: Patatoes soup

I went out with my mother and I got this soup

Blog day 20: Pictures of my prom dress

Finally I have pictures of my prom dress.

неделя, 22 януари 2012 г.

Blog day 19: My prom dress

Today I got my prom dress. I am totaly inlove with it. It is black/grey short dress. I do not have a picture of it yet , but soonly I will post one. I just wanted to share with you guys how excited I am. Lately I had nightmares with me without dress on my prom day :)  And the dress is from Guy Laroche. I have also some BF news, but we will see if it is serious. I really like him :) I am so happy!!!

Blog day 18: Muffin day

This is the place, it is called Muffin House
I soonly had discovered a wonderfull place in my town. Lately I am obsessed with MUFFINS. So today I went there and I got 2 muffins and a sandwich. Honestly the sandwich was quite the some as those in SubWay. 

четвъртък, 19 януари 2012 г.

Blog day 17: Second day of skiing

Me skiing

Blog day 16: I love skiing

Blog day 15: Our hotel

Blog day 14: Going on trip

Blog day 13: Present from a friend of mine

He is a really good painter. It was love from first sight. The picture I mean :)

Blog day 12: IKEA

I went to IKEA and I got a mirror and a frame for a picture that my friend had painted.