неделя, 6 януари 2013 г.

събота, 5 януари 2013 г.

Exciting vacation in London

 So what I am going to do is just go trough all of the photos and describe them, at the end it is gonna be like a story. Hope you like it!
 We arrived at Luton Airport at 9am, and we had tickets for a bus at 11am. So we had time to do some shopping. There was a shop called Marks&Spencer, yes the some that we have, but there werent any clothes in there, just food. I love this shop, it has  amazing things, so different and quality is very high.
 We got to the hotel after a long trip by bus, tube and 30 mins of walking with 3 suitcases :) The hotel is a good place for masochists. It was a nightmare. It was the tiniest  room  I have ever seen. I am 180cm, so the room must have been like 2m long, like you can see at the photo. Here you have a link of this hotel, please don't go there City View Hotel.
 This picture is just to illustrate how many times I had made the mistake to watching the other site, like is in my country.
 The some day we arrived we decided to go to the center and see some things. We walked on the Tower Bridge.

 Then we saw the Big Ben (officialy named Elizabeth Tower)
 There were people who come to you, you take photo with them and then they ask you for money. We didn't know that, but now I know.
 Here is the London Eye.

 It was amazing. The view on top of the London eye was breathetaking. I loved it.
 Here is the second day of our visit. I still had a sandwich from Bulgaria, so my friend decided that I should have a photo eating bulgarian sandwich in London. By the way this was just infront of the hotel, we prefered to stay at the street than at this hotel.

 The burberry store on Oxfort st.

 The Ferrari store.
 Me drinking gingerbrad latte by Starbucks. It is yammy.
And the final photo, me looking so happy after doing some shopping in Primark :)