събота, 4 февруари 2012 г.

Blog day 34: My photo

This is the photo that will go on my diplom. I am really sorry for the low quality.

Blog day 33: DM haul

Hi everybody,
today I got Anti-Age Hand& Nail cream and Lipbalm from Dm.
The cream is called Mavrud age expert. It visibly reduces the signs og aging, recovers and moisturizes the hands' skin. I got it because of the moisturizing effect and  tha grape smell.
The lip balm is just a normal balm with splashy watermelon smell.
Prices Hand cream- 2,79 lv and lip balm 2,99 lv

Blog day 32: February first - company at home drinking whiskey and eating red hot chilli

Blog day 31: The first month completed

I feel so proud of me doing a whole month of daily posts. I do not have really interesting things to show you guys, but I will try to keep making post every day till 2013. Thanks to everybody who is reading my blog.

Blog day 30: I started running

I saw a video of a girl in YouTube talking how she hated running before she started. So I have decided to try too. I told about this to Lora and she found this program that we are following know. We are at the second week and we feel very good.

Blog day 29: Happy tree friends :)

Today Lora and Ani were at home. We played with make up, hair stylers and clothes. It is so funny to have friends like them. This is what Ani did to me

Blog day 28: My grandfathers birthday

Today my grandfather turned 84 years :) This is the cake. I forgot to take more pictures of the party. I wish him to be so alive another 84 years :) Love U.

Blog day 26: Coffee with Lora

So you all already know Lora. A very good friend of mine.Today we went out.